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2164283 2016-06-16T10:36:42Z Shirayuki Reverted edits by [[Special:Contributions/|]] ([[User talk:|talk]]) to last revision by [[User:Shirayuki|Shirayuki]]
2164011 2016-06-16T03:09:13Z
1881031 2015-09-13T05:50:29Z Shirayuki
1881030 2015-09-13T05:48:54Z Shirayuki
1445253 2015-03-15T01:34:57Z Kaganer Reverted edits by [[Special:Contributions/Mery jeferly|Mery jeferly]] ([[User talk:Mery jeferly|talk]]) to last revision by [[User:Hydriz|Hydriz]]
1444799 2015-03-14T09:48:13Z Mery jeferly Mery Jeferly
1297530 2014-12-03T06:43:23Z Hydriz Reverted edits by [[Special:Contributions/Hydriz|Hydriz]] ([[User talk:Hydriz|talk]]) to last revision by [[User:Emufarmers|Emufarmers]]
1297529 2014-12-03T06:43:15Z Hydriz removed [[Category:Help]] using [[w:Wikipedia:HotCat|HotCat]]
237705 2009-02-09T06:32:45Z Emufarmers The Meta article is not in the public domain and cannot be imported into this namespace
237662 2009-02-09T01:45:55Z Kwj2772 please delete it to import from meta
146547 2007-11-14T11:49:13Z Courant added {{PAGENAME}}
144675 2007-11-08T05:56:34Z Anonymous Dissident soft redirect
120314 2007-08-05T02:22:37Z Eep New page: See [[Meta:Help:Edit summary]] [[Category:Help]]