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1136071 2014-09-05T07:11:04Z 1999sportsfan fix grammar, blocking users is very simple
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933045 2014-03-19T00:26:31Z FunPika Add image. Fix links so this is somewhat easier to import into another wiki if desired.
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855324 2013-12-29T05:03:29Z Shirayuki add translate tags for translation
850796 2013-12-27T09:34:05Z Nemo bis translate tags done all wrong, better start from scratch
842795 2013-12-14T18:48:46Z Ashenfelter73 /* Unblocking */
829816 2013-11-25T22:58:41Z Added translation tags in preparation for the new system.
783907 2013-09-16T06:14:44Z GeorgeBarnick /* Blocking */
767811 2013-08-20T16:43:44Z Felipe Schenone /* Blocking */
545264 2012-06-01T03:37:55Z Jasper Deng /* Blocking */ not true
542956 2012-05-28T00:47:14Z Muqman 52 /* What it means to be blocked */
521153 2012-04-06T02:41:09Z Jasper Deng /* Blocking */ blocking a username could mean blacklisting it in some cases
521124 2012-04-06T01:13:16Z Jasper Deng /* What it means to be blocked */ expand
516369 2012-03-27T14:25:52Z comma splice
503683 2012-02-25T03:28:11Z Jasper Deng /* What it means to be blocked */ copyedit
503281 2012-02-24T06:07:35Z Jasper Deng /* Blocking */ +1
499098 2012-02-14T04:55:00Z Jasper Deng /* What it means to be blocked */ no unblock either
499095 2012-02-14T04:48:31Z Bawolff rephrase, mention unblockself
499094 2012-02-14T04:44:01Z Jasper Deng /* What it means to be blocked */ changed in 1.17.0
412723 2011-06-24T18:50:20Z Hamilton Abreu Undo revision 412534 by [[Special:Contributions/|]] ([[User talk:|talk]])
412534 2011-06-24T04:07:29Z Undo revision 392761 by [[Special:Contributions/Kdimi|Kdimi]] ([[User talk:Kdimi|talk]])
392761 2011-03-21T03:30:19Z Kdimi modified wikilink to use {{mediawiki}} template as required
311796 2010-03-21T12:54:24Z IAlex fix sort key
265884 2009-07-17T12:00:33Z Kwj2772 Quick-adding category [[:Category:Block|Block]] (using [[w:en:WP:HOTCAT|HotCat.js]])
237108 2009-02-05T21:39:38Z Skizzerz /* What it means to be blocked */ incorporate "read only" into here so people searching for how to make "read only users" can find this page :)
236171 2009-02-01T21:17:43Z Nx /* Blocking */ fixing link for configuration
235169 2009-01-28T05:20:08Z Adrignola Corrected a MediaWiki Manual link. Replaced link to nonexistent section in page.
221176 2008-10-30T16:12:51Z Harry Wood moving configuration section to [[Manual:Block and unblock]]
220873 2008-10-29T02:47:43Z Mike.lifeguard Reverted edits by [[Special:Contributions/|]] ([[User talk:|Talk]]) to last version by [[User:Skizzerz|Skizzerz]]
220872 2008-10-29T02:45:58Z Replacing page with 'You can't do it your not allowed. Unless you suck Gary Colemans Penis for 362 seconds exactly no more no less, and you have to put the cum in your butthole and say "I'm a li...'
203786 2008-08-01T22:52:11Z Skizzerz /* Configuration */ word choice fix... still debating whether this section should even be on this page though
203781 2008-08-01T22:44:10Z Skizzerz a start on the page, could probably use some cleanup to make it more presentable/easy to understand