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850794 2013-12-27T09:32:11Z Nemo bis can't see David around, let's just not translate this
845281 2013-12-18T19:49:10Z Nemo bis empty {{Languages}}
844120 2013-12-16T19:09:28Z ערן
843126 2013-12-15T09:45:03Z Nemo bis fix newlines
842678 2013-12-14T10:46:11Z Abani79 short fix, lng tmp should'nt be nested into tags
842639 2013-12-14T09:41:09Z Davidmuecke96 translation
673378 2013-04-14T18:38:42Z WPPlus HTTP Codes vary by version
470931 2011-12-21T14:01:12Z Waldir /* See also */ format entries the same way
440055 2011-10-01T10:54:47Z Wargo
440054 2011-10-01T10:47:47Z Wargo {{Languages}}
440053 2011-10-01T10:47:25Z Wargo added [[Category:Help]] using [[w:Wikipedia:HotCat|HotCat]]
440034 2011-10-01T09:06:33Z Dmb
440033 2011-10-01T09:05:07Z Dmb ah ha! Found a relevant page (pointed to it rather than found it)
435946 2011-09-19T15:45:20Z Grzechooo
435945 2011-09-19T15:44:43Z Dmb
435944 2011-09-19T15:43:52Z Dmb
435943 2011-09-19T15:42:30Z Dmb
435942 2011-09-19T15:39:52Z Dmb
435940 2011-09-19T15:29:53Z Dmb I'm adding content as I go, please be patient, if there is another page on the wiki providing this information, please redirect! cheers,Dan.
435937 2011-09-19T15:16:54Z Dmb Something is better than nothing right? Please help