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Installing Gallery 3 from Source[edit | edit source]

Prerequisite for install Gallery 3[edit | edit source]

(ffmpeg requires the atrpms repo)

yum -y install httpd php mysql-server php-mysqli git perl-JSON php-gd GraphicsMagick GraphicsMagick-perl \
perl-GD perl-GDGraph ffmpeg

Modify your /etc/php.ini file and change

upload_max_filesize = 32M
memory_limit = 128M

Installing Gallery 3[edit | edit source]

cd /var/www/
git clone git:// gallery3
cd gallery3
mkdir var/
chown apache:apache var/

Gallery3 Setup[edit | edit source]

Setup 3rd party contrib modules[edit | edit source]

In the root of the Gallery3 install, download the Contrib repository from github.

git clone

Go to the Contrib repository directory and run

cd contrib/3.1/modules
for a in `ls`; do ln -s ../contrib/3.1/modules/$a ../../../modules/$a; done

Theme Details[edit | edit source]

Items per page[edit | edit source]


Thumbnail size (in pixels)[edit | edit source]


Resized image size (in pixels)[edit | edit source]


Header text[edit | edit source]

Footer text[edit | edit source]

Copyright © 2009 by Matt Rude, All Rights Reserved • <a href="mailto:[email protected]?subject=From Gallery3">[email protected]</a>

How-To[edit | edit source]

To delete all tags from the gallery[edit | edit source]

delete from items_tags;
delete from tags;