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Installing the ports tree

Start out by installing the FreeBSD's Ports system:

portsnap fetch && portsnap extract && portsnap fetch update

Installing Postfix 2.8 on FreeBSD

# cd /usr/ports/mail/
# cp -r postfix-current postfix-last
# cd postfix-last

Change the DISTVERSION in Makefile

# vi Makefile
DISTVERSION=    2.9-20110120

Download the tarball

# make fetch

Compute sha1 & size and update distinfo

# vi distinfo
SHA256 (postfix/postfix-2.9-20110120.tar.gz) = 88dae90c52aa7eabf2a6dd3a9c4364240062419ff6fd2a814f4910a0e991e7a7
SIZE (postfix/postfix-2.9-20110120.tar.gz) = 3638193

Update pkg-plist

update pkg-plist to add tlsproxy (so that a pkg_delete removes all the stuff)

# diff pkg-plist ../postfix-current/
< libexec/postfix/tlsproxy
< %%PORTDOCS%%%%DOCSDIR%%/tlsproxy.8.html

build and install

# make install clean