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Note Note: As of 25-Feb-2007 This is a trunk only page, version 0.21

In the Mythtv's contrib directory is a folder named master_iconmap change directory into that folder.

cd /tmp/svn/mythtv/contrib/master_iconmap

A list of this directory will show you.

A --help will show you.

usage:  ./ [options]



       Scan your database and download any missing channel icons.
       See also:  --rescan  --icon-dir


       Use in combination with --find-missing to rescan all of your channels
       for new icons.

   --icon-dir {path}

       Directory in which to store downloaded channel icons.  Used in
       combination with --find-missing.  Defaults to ~/.mythtv/channels/

   --callsign {string}

       Display the icon URL for the specified callsign.

   --xmltvid {string}

       Display the icon URL for the specified xmltvid.


       Display the master iconmap from:


       Display this message

Update Command

Here is my update command.

./ --icon-dir /mythtv/icons --find-missing