Build RPM form Trunk SVN

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RPM Build Setup

  • For Myth Plugins run
yum -y install libtiff-devel libexif-devel libmad-devel taglib-devel libvorbis-devel flac-devel libcdaudio-devel cdparanoia-devel \
fftw2-devel fftw2-devel SDL-devel libvisual-devel libtermcap-devel libdvdread-devel nasm mjpegtools-devel xvidcore-devel a52dec-devel \
a52dec-devel libfame-devel libdvdcss-devel freetype-devel gcc-c++ lame-devel libdvdnav-devel qt-devel libXmu-devel libXv-devel \
libXxf86vm-devel libavc1394-devel libiec61883-devel libraw1394-devel lirc-lib-devel nvidia-graphics-devel nvidia-x11-drv libXvMC-devel \
faac-devel faad2-devel
  • Change directory to the RPM Build directory
cd /usr/src/redhat/SPECS/
  • Download Spec File for the full suite from atrpms
  • Modify the mythtv-suite.spec file fo our needs
vim mythtv-suite.spec
  • Change
%define _svn_root '/usr/src/mythtv-svn/'
  • To
%define _svn_root '/tmp/svn/rpmbuild/'
  • Now Download the current SVN
mkdir -p /tmp/svn/rpmbuild/
rm -rf /tmp/svn/rpmbuild/*
rm -rf /tmp/svn/rpmbuild/.*
svn co /tmp/svn/rpmbuild/mythtv
svn co /tmp/svn/rpmbuild/mythplugins
svn co /tmp/svn/rpmbuild/myththemes

Build the RPM's

rpmbuild -ba mythtv-suite.spec